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numark kmx-02 mixer player listed below $429.00

numark kmx-02

the only all–inclusive system of its kind, the numark kmx02 features dual cd+g drives with an integrated mixer. it's the perfect all–in–one solution for djs and clubs to add karaoke to their entertainment mix. offering 3 microphone inputs with tone control, 2 switch–controlled composite video outputs for graphics, echo capability and ± 8%, ±16% pitch control (via pitch bend/jog wheel), the kmx02 is ideal for mixing karaoke cd+g and regular audio cds. an important new feature on the kmx02 is a key change knob to adjust the musical key of a song (in half steps) without changing the speed, so a dj can adjust a song's key to accommodate the vocal range of any karaoke performer. rotating the knob to the left will result in a lower key (flat), while rotating to the right will result in a higher key (sharp).

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