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1. What is CD+G or CDG?
CD+G, often referred to as CDG, means Compact Disc with Graphics. All CD+G discs will play on any player that plays regular compact discs; however, the graphics will only appear on your television screen if you have a karaoke machine that has CD+G capability.

2. What do VCD and DVD mean?
VCD means “video compact disc”. A VCD shows the graphics on a television screen, and also has some sort of video playing in the background. Generally these CD’s are a little cheaper in price compared to CD+G’s or DVD’s; however, you do need a VCD or DVD player to play them. DVD means “digital video disc”. Karaoke DVD’s are the same as movie DVD’s, except karaoke DVD’s show the graphics on a television screen. These can be played in any karaoke machine that has DVD capability, or in any regular DVD player.

3. Do you carry Cassette Tape karaoke?
We have a decent amount of Cassette Tape karaoke in stock. Most tapes have been discontinued, but we still carry certain brands. Karaoke tapes usually have the instrumental version of a song recorded on them, along with the vocal version. These can be played in any cassette tape player, but nowhere will the words for the songs show up on any TV monitor. Karaoke tapes do come with printed lyrics to all of their songs (according to copyright laws), so that you will know the words and are able to be the star.

4. What is a Laser Disc and do you carry any?
A laser disc, or LD, is generally 12inches in diameter, like the old vinyl records, and needs to be played with a Laser Disc player. Originally this format was quite expensive and not a cost effective way to start a Karaoke collection. However, we still have a large inventory of laser discs from Pioneer, Nutech, Tip Top, as well as many other less-known brands. We also have many movies available on laser disc. Call for availability.

5. What is a Midi File?
A Midi File is a disc that holds hundreds of songs. There are a limited number of discs or files, which have different languages on them. The languages include Spanish, English, Tagalog, and Chinese. These Files can only be played in certain Karaoke players that have this feature. However, some people feel that the quality of Midi File’s can be slightly inferior to that found on CD-Graphic and DVD. We do carry these Karaoke machines as well as the Midi Files for them.

6. What is Super CDG?
Super CDG’s are a new format for karaoke music. They have over 1,200 songs on each disc! There are several volumes of this type of CD, which include Music Maestro, Charbusters, Tropical Zone (Spanish), and Nutech song versions. These discs are only compatible with the karaoke machines called CAV’s 101G (new) and CAV’s 202. We have these machines in stock, along with the Super CDG’s.

7. How do the “Band On A Disc” DVD’s work?
“Band On A Disc” is a DVD that records each song with seven separate versions. This will allow you to improve your performance skills while honing your artistic talents to sing or play a musical instrument. For example, version A of each song has the full version with vocal. Version B is only the instrumental. Version C is the instrumental with no bass. Version D is the instrumental with no guitar. Version E is the instrumental with no drums. Version F is the instrumental with no keyboards, and version G is the instrumental with no background vocals. So if you play drums, guitar, bass, or keyboards this DVD will allow you to not only sing, but play one of these instruments as well.

8. What does it mean “In the likeness of”?
Most all karaoke music is done “In the likeness of” the artist (with the exception of a few Video CD’s and DVD’s), meaning that the music is not from the original artist, but re-recorded by a company to try to sound as close to the original as possible.

9. What is a vocal version or multiplex?
Multiplex is the same as a vocal version: on certain karaoke CD’s, a song is recorded twice, once as an instrumental version where you are the star, and again with the lead vocalist singing along. This helps you to learn the song in case you do not already know it so that you will be able to sing it on your own.

10. How do I remove the vocals on a CD that has the songs recorded only once with the lead vocalist singing along?
Certain CD’s have all of their songs only in multiplex format, no instrumental version, just the removable guide vocals. In order to take the vocals out of this kind of CD, you need to change your speakers from the Right Channel to the Left Channel. This may involve unplugging your right speakers from your amplifier or simply changing the balance from one speaker to the other. Some machines may have a multiplex feature that does this automatically.

11. Why is someone singing along during the chorus of an instrumental version CD?
This is called the “background singer” or “harmony vocals”. If there is someone singing along with the lead vocalist during the chorus or any other part of the original song, then the karaoke version of that song will also include this background singer. Unfortunately there is no way of removing these vocals from the CD. We suggest listening to the CD before you buy it so that you will be satisfied with your choice.

12. Can I make a custom CD+G?
There are some companies who will make a custom CD+G for you. In order to make your personal CD+G you will need to choose at least five(5) songs that one particular company produces. If that one company does not have the song or songs you are looking for, you will not be able to put those songs onto your custom CD+G. The companies that provide this service are “Priddis”, “Top Tunes”, and “Sound Choice”. To find what songs each of these companies produce, on our website click on the tab entitled “Music Search”, and where it says “By Disk#” type in PR for Priddis, TT for Top Tunes, and/or SC for Sound Choice. Do not try to combine companies (i.e. each custom disc has to be from one company). You will need at least five(5) songs, it will take about 3weeks to make, and cost about $5.00 per song. Call us toll free at (800) KARAOKE (527-2653) and we will begin putting your custom CD+G together for you.

13. What is a CD+G Decoder?
This is a device that permits a regular CD or DVD player that has an optical or coaxial output to display graphics from a compact disc with graphics (CD+G). It makes it possible for you to play karaoke CD+G’s in your current player so that the words will show up on your television screen. Generally, CD+G Decoders are cheaper than buying an actual CD+G player, but with the decoder alone, you will not have any microphone inputs, echo or key control capabilities.

14. What is your Return Policy?
Unfortunately we do not accept returns or exchanges on any software. We will however, exchange any defective items with the same item. As far as any machines or accessories are concerned, there will be a 20% restocking fee and return shipping is your responsibility.

15. Do you carry Amplifiers and/or Mixers, and what do they do?
Call us if you want great quality Amplifiers, Mixers, or Speakers. An Amplifier is what you plug your Karaoke Machine, Tape player, CD player, and/or TV into in order to have better sound quality and volume. Using an Amplifier, you are able to adjust the Bass of a song, the treble, the Key of the song (i.e. adjust the music higher or lower to fit your voice), and the microphone volume and echo. Some Amplifiers allow you to adjust more things than others. A Mixer is a machine that plugs into your existing Karaoke player. This unit gives you more microphone inputs, and allows you to play around with the volume of each individual microphone, the echo, and sometimes with the sound of your own voice, depending on the particular unit you purchase. We also carry Speakers to plug your Amplifier into so you will be able to hear the music, and they range in all kinds of sizes.

16. How do I order CD+G’s/Equipment, and how much is shipping going to be?
You can either order music CD+G’s or Karaoke machines and equipment directly from our website or by calling our toll-free Customer Service line (800-527-2653) and we’ll gladly ship out your merchandise directly to you. General Shipping costs and arrival times for one(1) pound or less are as follows:
     Ground-5 business days or less: $7.00
     3Day Air-3 business days: $9.00
     2Day Air-2 business days: $15.00
     Next Day Air-1 business day (overnight): $25.00 or more

Questions regarding heavier packages, please call our toll-free Customer Service line at 800-966-7464.

Home Search for music System packages Karaoke players Portable karaoke players Wired and wireless microphones Song book software Speakers Specials