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acesonic dgx-211 multi-format karaoke player

acesonic is continuing their effort to bring karaoke enthusiasts and music lovers the world's best karaoke machine possible packed with the most requested and sought after features. the new acesonic dgx-211 will play all your discs, convert cd+g to mp3+g, play mp3+gs, and record your performances. all of these features are either new or improved and acesonic has done it by listening to their user's requests and input.

the dgx-211’s prime feature is to make the most of the mp3+g format. converting cd+gs into mp3+gs and storing them on a usb device or sd card can be done very easily and users now have the option to convert at 1x or 4x speeds. when converting, a list will appear allowing you to check off each track you want to convert or you can also convert the entire disc. you can even record your own singing into an mp3+g file. a very convenient feature is that you can playback the last recorded song with just a push of a single button. the dgx-211 can even generate a song list with a number for all your tracks after you’ve finished converting and recording. to further improve its recording function, acesonic brings in a large memory buffer to avoid skipping when recording.

the dgx-211 supports up to 10,000 songs on a usb drive or sd card. simply plug in your storage devices and the machine will load them up faster than before since it now utilizes usb 2.0. an hdmi port is also built-in and both surround sound and microphone audio are all sent through the hdmi port to help simplify connections. this is the only player on the market to have this feature utilizing both hdmi and microphone audio together! other players would require a mixer or second connection to use hdmi and microphone audio together which can be both a hassle and expensive.

exclusive features:

  • cd+g to mp3g converter - go digital! convert all your cd+g discs into mp3g and store them on sd cards, external hard drives or usb flash drives. simply place your cd+g into the disc tray and encode directly to your choice of storage device. you need only check off the tracks or entire disc
  • faster ripping speeds - capture a disc at 1x or 4x speeds.
  • song list creator - the dgx-211 will scan the entire drive and create a text file containing song information and a song number. you'll just need to punch in the song number to play a song and you can print out the song list through you pc.
  • hdmi port -  allows 1 connection from player to your tv for both audio and video, including microphone audio. you can turn any hdmi monitor into a karaoke screen.
  • digital recording - record your singing along with the audio and lyrics essentially creating an mp3g with you leading the vocals! playback recordings with a push a button and easily see if your timing is in sync with the words on screen. great for practice. great for sharing.
  • play last recorded track - just push a single button after recording to playback. no more spending lots of time going through menus leaving more time to record.
  • full mp3g support - with mp3g becoming the new standard for karaoke because it is easy to store and transport, the dgx-211 will play mp3+g from cds, dvds, memory cards, or usb drives. supports up to 10,000 mp3gs
  • full 1080p - pictures are displayed as clear as possible up to 1920x1080 resolution using the hdmi output.
  • one-button filtering - press a single button to filter and display only pictures, video or audio on your devices.
  • playback resume function - player will remember and resume where you last stopped playing your disc even when you turn off the player and take off the disc
  • cue on function - player will stop at end of each track to wait for your next song selection


  • plays most downloaded karaoke tracks that are in mp3g format.
  • direct access front panel design - remote control not required as major functions are available on the front panel
  • 7-step key control
  • progressive scan up to 1080p hd video output
  • two 1/4" microphone inputs with individual volume control
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