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acesonic dgx-210 karaoke machine listed below $129.00


the acesonic dgx-210 is the world's most advanced karaoke player ever developed. whether you are looking to buy your first karaoke player or you are looking to find a replacement player, this is the last karaoke player you will ever need! it offers the best performance and value among all karaoke players in the market. exclusive features: world's first and the only karaoke player that can encode your cd+g disc to mp3+g format without using a pc. simply place the cd+g you want to convert into the disc tray and it encodes directly to a usb flash drive or a memory card. you can hold up 12,000 songs on a 32gb flash drive and eliminate your dependency on bulky discs. there's no need to buy an expensive and bulky hard drive player or pc to store these files. you can encode only 1 song or an entire disc at once. an on-screen keyboard enables you to quickly enter your song title before recording. the world's first mp3+g digital recorder: the dgx-210 can record your singing into mp3+g format. when you are recording your performance with a cd+g disc or mp3+g file, the player will also encode the graphic of the song into a new mp3+g file. when you playback your recorded song, not only will you hear your singing, but you can also see the graphic of the song on-screen to see if you are following the lyrics correctly. full support of mp3+g playback function: the dgx-210 can play your mp3+g files in a cd, dvd, usb drive or memory card. mp3+g's are compressed karaoke files that have cd quality music stored in a small file size. mp3+g is quickly becoming the new standard for karaoke medias. it is easy to transport and it is used by most download web sites. you can easily exchange new songs with your friends using the mp3+g format. creating a player with so many powerful features and keeping it affordable is no small task but acesonic has managed to make it happen. louis vuitton outlet