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acesonic dgx-109 single drawer dvd/cd+g karaoke player view details 199.00

acesonic dgx-109 usb multi-format karaoke player with sd/usb reader + recording

the acesonic dgx-109 usb multi-format karaoke player is the newest karaoke player which has many features not matched by any other player on the market. continuing to listen to karaoke professionals and enthusiasts, acesonic has created a player that would meet all their demands and here it is!

what's new?

  1. you will now be able to directly play mp3+g files from the sd card slot! no further encoding is needed!
  2. support 16gb sdhc card.  you can store over 3200 on a 16gb memory card.
  3. support mp3+g recording and playback.  once you recorded your singing with mp3+g files, the same song will be playback with its original graphic file and your singing file together.
  4. now supporting mp3 + lyrics file format and vocal canceling. when you start singing, the dgx-109 will eliminate vocals (up to 95%) from the mp3 track.  download a lyrics file anywhere and play with your mp3 file and turn any track into a karaoke track!

like the previous model, the dgx-109 includes the exclusive recording feature. to make playback and recording easy, a second sd/mmc card slot has been built-in to the front panel along with recording function controls. you won't have the hassle of switching cards depending on what you want to do. this is crucial for djs and kjs at a show because this means you'll have less things you have to swap, and less things you have to manage, which means you'll have more time to play music. the buttons on the front panel have also been switched to have rear illumination. you will not be stumbling for buttons in the dark!

this player is hd ready; supporting 480p and 720p, allowing you to watch movies in the best quality yet. aside from the recording sd/mmc card reader, there is another sd/mmc card slot for playback. just pop in your memory card and you'll be able to view pictures, and play mp3's in a matter of seconds. as if that wasn't enough, this feature has been paired up with a usb interface. you'll now be able to hook-up external usb devices such as flash drives and external hard drives and begin sifting through your data. so no matter what your taste is, this player has everything you'll need.

this dgx-109 multi-format karaoke player is perfect for watching dvd, vcd, and hd movies, listening to mp3/wma/cd music or singing cd+g/vcd/dvd karaoke discs.  no matter if you are on the road, in the club or at home, this player is designed with the widest versatility in mind.

what's mp3+g format?

mp3+g stands for mp3 plus graphics. mp3+g is derived from the cd+g format and the cd+g disc format.

mp3+g is a karaoke file format that was created to allow cd+g karaoke to be played from a personal computer easily and quickly.  mp3+g is considered the de facto standard of karaoke on the pc and was created from the combination of the mp3 audio file (the cd audio is converted and compressed to mp3) and a raw cdg file which contains the graphic data  from the cd+g track.

benefit of using mp3+g format:

  1. mp3+g is a standard form supported by all major software developers.  there are many pc software can play the mp3+g files on your pc.

  2. supported by all major download web sites.

  3. virtually same audio and video quality as a regular cd+g disc

  4. graphic portion is not compressed.  it is identical to the original cd+g track.

  5. small file size.   the mp3+g files size is about 1/8th of its original size cd+g track size.  an average song is about 5mb big.  you can store over 200 songs on 1gb sd card.

  6. easy to transport.  mp3+g files can be store on your pc or laptop like a regular computer file.  you can e-mail, download and save to memory card for transporting or share with your friends.

  7. you can easily burn a mp3+g to a cd or convert a cd to mp3+g vice versa without any quality loss.

  8. no more carrying thousands of discs with you, perfect for kjs, parties, and rentals.  going forward, you'll just need to bring a large memory card to store all of your songs.

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